Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wednesday 13th Feb Skenes Creek to Maits Rainforest Rest

Today started well with a bright start and an easy run into Apollo Bay for breakfast and then flat scenic riding to Marengo. Then the route went away from the coast up a long steep hill into the Great Otway National Park, and what a hill it was. As soon as we started the ascent we had problems with Catherine's front hub again. With no bike shops available for miles all we could do was patch it up as best we could and continue on. 12 km later and we have had to adjust the hub again and again and the hub was slowly falling apart. Just beyond Maits Rest things turned critical with the cones smashed and ballbearings lost on the road. All we could do was stop the riding, turn around and walk back to Apollo Bay which was 19 km away. The road was forested but had no houses, cafes or water stops for the whole 19 km. Things did not look good at all. We walked and walked in the hot sun. The best thing that happened to us today was when Becky and Robin stopped in their hired camper van and offered help in the form of a lift. The bikes were folded and everything crammed into their camper van and we were saved from a very long walk. Another act of random kindness in Australia although both were Scottish and on a weeks holiday themselves. Robin and Becky were on their way to Lorne to camp and as that was nearer to a bike shop we went with them and we camped near their van on the same site. What a day. Our only photo today is of our saviours of the day. Thank you Robin and Becky.

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