Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tuesday 12th Feb Airies Inlet to Skenes Creek

We left the campsite and said goodbye to Ian and Kay . They left one way to head back home to Torquay and we went the other to continue our journey along the great ocean road.
We had the wind on our backs for a change and there was cloud this morning again keeping the temperatures down.
The views along the ocean road were stunning. Drivers had to stop their cars at the viewpoints to look at the views. We however could just keep a gentle pace and keep looking at the light blue sea and the waves crashing in. However the day had a few trials for us. Just before Lorne Catherine's front wheel started making a tremendous racket. So at Lorne, with no bike shop to hand, Tony bravely took the front wheel axle and ball bearings out in order to find out exactly what the problem was. A passing traveller offered to take us back to Anglesea to the nearest bike shop,which was very thoughtful of him, but we were able to borrow a file and file down a rather worn cone.The axle is bent and this has caused bad uneven wear on the cone. Thank goodness Catherine had brought I very small pot of Vaseline from home to keep her lips moist. We reassembled with lots of vaseline and wow it was fixed. How brilliant was that. Tony wants to delay celebrations until we get to the next town on our route with a bike shop which is at least 150 km away. While all this was happening Catherine decided to clean her glasses and one of the lenses fell out. Oh dear I hear you say, but in our medical kit we have a magic glasses mending kit which put everything right in minutes. Catherine will however be pleased when we get to an opticians to get the right size screw for the glasses.
Onwards then to see the Kowalas at Kennett River as well as lots of crimson rossella parrots. We were still up for continuing as the weather was perfect and views continued to be superb with only light traffic on the road. A good day with a nice little camp site where we pitched our tent, just a stones throw from the ocean waves. And would you believe this coincidence? Staying on this same camp site just 2 pitches away were Ian's (our last hosts) dad, sister and niece.

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