Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sunday 10th Feb Torquay to Bells beach and Point Addis and back again

It is time for a Sunday ride and as we are again staying with our hosts Kay and Ian, it would be a there and back trip. Our plan was to cycle to Bells Beach then on to Point Addis via the Great Ocean Road. On our return we would go off road on the Surf Coast Walk.
In fact that is what we did. We got to Bells Beach which is famous in the surfing world and we watched the surfers tackle the massive waves. Then on the road to Point Addis where we sat and watched the fantastic waves hit the beach that was stretched out in front of us. Then the off road Surf Coast Walk back, which was only completed and opened in November 2012. It is well made but some of the track is along the beach and down steps, so you need to be a little selective. You can officially ride though. The walk cut through some bush which was really full of character.
We are back on the road tomorrow and Kay and Ian are coming along with us for a day or two along The Great Ocean Road (TGOR).

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