Friday, 1 February 2013

Thursday 31st Jan Lilydale to Beauty Point

It was time to say goodbye to Britt and we would not be returning to her this trip. As Britt had an appointment in Launceston it was decided that she would take us and bikes to the Lavender Farm and then on to Lilydale Falls where we would part our ways. We had coffee at the Lavender farm and had a look around although the Lavender itself had just been harvested so we did not get to see it in full colour.
Then on in the car to Lilydale Falls where there is a free campsite which looked very good and we would have used it if this had been the end of the day rather than the start of it. We went the five minute walk to the falls before putting our bikes together. Britt went off and it was back to cycletouring again. So first into Lilydale town and stock up with liquids at the IGA. The town had some interested artwork.
We headed then for the river Tamar and crossed over on Batman Bridge. I was interested to see why they named a bridge after the caped crusader from Gotham City but reading the plaque it appears that a guy called John Batman was the first person to navigate down the river and start a settlement at the end.
We have gone a little way up the west side of the Tamar and ended up at a campsite by the river in a place called Beauty Point. 15au$ but they had an outside kitchen area with shelter with a gas operated barbecue. So steak and peppers on the barbecue and rice and English Breakfast Tea heated on the trangia, a spot on meal. A good job we had the shelter as it started to rain hard and has done for the last hour. It has been dull all day and very cool, I would think the temperature did not get over 20 degrees even at midday. So rather British weather really and there was us worrying that Jan and Feb would be really really hot. Hush my mouth however as it could still happen yet and when we go back to Melbourne it will be a good few degrees hotter than here.
We are just about to work out what we are going to do over the next few days. We fly back to Melbourne on Tuesday and are being hosted by WS in Lauceston on Sunday and Monday night so we have two nights of camping to do not to far from Launceston.
Photo one,Two and Four Artwork in Lilydale.
Photo Three,an interesting post box.
Photo Five,crossing the Tamar on Batman Bridge.
Photo six,Lilydale Falls.
Sorry they are out of order from the order of the day. Cannot work out why by IPad resorts them in an odd order!

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