Friday, 1 February 2013

Saturday 2nd Feb to Westbury

It was a little noisy last night but it did settle down. The guy in the next tent phoned his dad at about 12 pm and we could hear every word as if he was in the same room but it was to sleep from then on.
We got up about 7AM to glorious blue skies and packed up quick and took the bikes to the camp kitchen with us. It was well equipped so we could have a good breakfast. We cycled to Shearwater and had a look at the beach with the tide out. We also popped into Sheatwater IGA and topped up on drink and provisions.
So up the same road that we came partway down yesterday. It is Sat morning now and what a change! No logging trucks and very little traffic it was like another ride totally compared with yesterday. A good bit of altitude to climb and because we crossed a few rivers on the way along the coast we had a few accents and decents. We finally got to the Blue Barn again which was close on the watershed of our ride but we went on a little further and stopped at a little shop. They had some seats outside, so we had cold milkshakes in the shade which was heaven.
Then onwards and mostly downwards to Westbury which the guide book says is like an old English town. With the stone church and cricketers in their whites on the village green did give it all a bit of an English feel. They obviously take cricket very big here as you will see from the photos.
Camping behind Andy's bakery for 8AU$ which is the cheapest yet but the facilities are non existent . Still we can eat at the bakery for a change tonight. Free WIFI as well which is amazing. First cafe I have seen that even acknowledge it exists and the last two campsites did nothing on the Internet access front.
Got to the campsite early at about 2.30 but have found a spot in the shade of a tree. We even had an afternoon nap in the shade, first time ever whilst touring on this tour but we needed it. We have managed a good bit of altitude over the last few days and although I have no idea of the figure it is well over 3000ft per day. Catherine even commented on how our legs are shaping up with taunt muscles for both of us.

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