Saturday, 16 February 2013

Sunday 17th Feb Princetown to Port Campbell

We only came about 20km down the road today but what a road it was. We went passed the 12 Apostles that we walked to yesterday. We had got up at seven this morning as the heat was already high and set to peak at 33C. This meant that the light was low and good for photos and as it is early Sunday morning there were few cars on the road and fewer people at the viewpoints.
Travelling west from the apostles we passed Loch Ard Gorge where a ship called The Loch Ard went aground many years ago. There were tarmac narrow roadways to a series of viewpoints and it said to allow three hours to walk them. We were able to potter about with our bikes however and see all the natural arches and stacks which, as yesterday were fantastic.
At Port Campbell we had a decision go on to the next town and have a long day in high heat or finish early and relax a bit. We enquired at the campsite. And the facilities are very good with free WIFI and an air-conditioned kitchen and sitting room. So at 3PM we are escaping the heat of the day after going shopping to get our tea and update our supplies.
It is forcast to be even hotter tomorrow but we get back to peaks under the thirties after that we hope. We have travelled a good way north since our days in Tas and the weather is forcast to be mid thirties tomorrow. The plan for tomorrow is to get up early like today and be on the road before 9.00 and before it gets too hot for serious riding. We are really excited about tomorrow's ride as it is to Peterborough, a small coastal town rather than a city that is well known for it's lift factory.


  1. great to see that you are back into it all, but think you have the wrong country for finding a lift factory in peterborough!!

  2. Hi Kay and Ian. We would not be back on the road without you guys so thanks again. It's all good- as they say over here.


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