Saturday, 1 March 2014

Sunday 2nd March - Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula

Today we picked up a little car to help us run around the local area.  We have called the car Smoky as it is light grey. The car runs well despite having 209865 kms on the clock, that's about 125000 miles.  We took a short drive along the Otago peninsula to Taiaroa Head and the Royal Albatross Colony.  We managed to capture some local wildlife on camera including an albatross in flight. On the way back we noticed a bay called Sandfly Bay.  Catherine insisted on avoiding that as it bought back bad memories of earlier on the trip.  Her wounds from those creatures are taking their time to heal.  

A lovely view across Otago Harbour

One of the local seal colony just resting on the rocks

What a wonderful sight!

Just had to take a shot of this.

Look behind you Catherine, the storm is coming!

The rain came again. Tony got soaked taking this photo.

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