Friday, 28 February 2014

Saturday 1st March - A day in Dunedin

Well we did not see that much of Dunedin yesterday as we arrived in an absolute storm. In fact the lady at the backpackers could not believe that we had not noticed the station building which according to her is the most photographed building in the world! Ummm...... not sure about that one ... How would you know?
We got soaked yesterday three times and no heaters at all in the backpackers to dry things off! So we went to bed with wet hair. This is what the papers said today about it going cold and wet:-

They say that it will stay with winds from the South for the next week, so remaining cold!

Today we walked down the big hill and headed to the station on the way we went passed the Toitu Otago Settlers Museum. To be honest I had had lots of tea that morning and I wanted to use their toilet, but the museum was free and looked good. In fact it was marvelous the best museum I have ever been into. Already Dunedin was looking good!
We spent an hour in there and we were fully entertained. Usually the word museum makes me want to sleep but this was so interactive and cleverly and expensively presented!

Catherine practices for the Iron Lady competition

But we still got a bit of cycling done although to be honest it was on a stand and roller, good fun all the same!

We then headed for the station. We had wheeled our bikes out of a rain soaked car park entrance yesterday. So now we entered the main foyer and WOW. Just look at those ceramics everywhere!

This is a real actual ticket office not a museum piece!

Even the floor was a work of art. How many feet had walked over this mosaic on the way to their train every day!

The station building from a distance. They say that this is like Edinburgh and has Scottish routes. Many of the buildings are made from dark grey stone and do have a Scottish or Lake District look.

We have finished our cycling and Catherine said that we must now restrict our diet as we will eventually just be sitting in a car. We went passed this place though:-

So we went in, not on the tour but to have a look at the shop. When we came out we had these:-

At 220g per bar I make that 1.1kg of chocolate. That's another inch or two then!

Got back to the backpackers and booked for three more nights, but asked for a heater in our room. We now have a lovely electric radiator! So yesterday we felt cold wet and tired, today we feel:-

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