Thursday, 6 March 2014

Thursday 6th March - The Catlins

We drive through the Catlins today. There was a peninsula called Surat Bay which was at the end of many kilometres along a gravel track. When we arrived we noticed the lack of noise. We were far far away from busy roads and towns.

Surat Bay

We walked for over an hour along the sands with the beach largely to ourselves apart from two long distance walkers. Our only other friends were the sea lions and seals on the beach. It was idyllic.

We moved on after our enjoyable bay walk. We passed the lovely cafe called Lost Gypsy. We had to stop. It was full of gadgets and inventions.

Like this mail whale letter box

Then a coffee. This seat is made from old car rear lights and bottles set in concrete.

Looks familiar some how!

On the notice board at the cafe

The whale in the background was made from corrugated metal and you turned a handle and cams moved the whale to make him swim. We took a video of it as it was so good.

We had to go to Slope Point. The furthest point South in New Zealand. This will no doubt be the furthest south in the world that we will ever go in our lives. From now on we point North, we start the journey towards home!  

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