Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Thursday 13th February - Wanaka to Cromwell

We had a good day cycling rolling countryside which was downhill a lot of the way. The winds were very low and if anything on our backs. The road out was unexciting but had a really interesting puzzle museum. We did not go in but just the outside was interesting and their toilets quite an experience. You walk through the toilet door and find yourself in a roman toilet! We celebrated our 1000 mile today and called in at the Lazy Dog Winery ( ) to celebrate with coffee and cake- well it was a bit early for wine as we had some miles to do.
In a cabin tonight but the bad news is that there is a pop festival on up the road on Saturday and 10,000 people are going to arrive! If we continue we would cycle past the venue which would seem daft. Accomodation is going to be really booked up, so we may have to just camp here for two more nights! Real bad luck but these things happen I guess.

People often ask why we do this cycling....well

Catherine does a good job outside the puzzle museum 

Roman style artwork when you visit the toilet area

Catherine makes a new friend!

We are making progress on our tour.

The lazy Dog winery

Working our way South!

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