Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday 20th Breakfast at Barnbougle-Lost Farm near Bridport

Today began with beautiful bright blue skies as far as the eye could see. We have been invited by Bev and Noel for breakfast at the golf club. Naturally we agreed as all the opportunities we have been offered here by the locals have been wonderful experiences. So this proved the point. This famous golf course (Barnbougle Lost Farm) is based on the sand dunes and so a short stroll after a fabulous classy Aussie fry up was a must. We collected some wonderful sea shells from this deserted beach. Just look at the photos. What about the cycling you might say. We we are having a day off the bikes today while we do a maintenance course with Britt and her bike. We are also having a full load washing day and then this evening we have been invited to a barbecue with Ken and Helen.
Ken and Helen live in a wonderful home that is over 100 years old and perched on top of a hill. The views were fantastic and we watched the sun set and the suns orange glow lit up the avenue of large trees in his garden that were planted when the house was built. Once again we were blown away by the hospitality we receive in Australia. I was tempted to do another shot of us sitting at a table of fantastic food with a drink in our hand and good company around us.The thing is that seems to be every second shot I take. We will have been here two weeks tomorrow and what a fortnight it has been, people over here are so open, kind and generous and we have had such good company from so many people. Thanks again folks!!
On the bus to Hobart today if all goes to plan and then the cycle tour continues up the east coast of Tas. Ready to restart the cycle tour now.

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  1. The beaches look absolutely beautiful and you seem to be having a fantastic time. It's been snowing gently all day, here, but that didn't stop George from going out - he was the only one!!

    Best wishes



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