Friday, 25 January 2013

Australia Day 26th Jan Scamander to St Helens

The winds are now coming from the South so on our backs at last and it made the going very easy. St Helens was an easy ride but we took a detour to the end of a peninsula . People were greeting each other with "Happy Australia day" and we saw a young girl with her dad in an Aussie flag dress. We camped up at about midday and then walked into town.
They had an event on which including sawing and chopping wood. I have never seen this before and I was amazed at the speed they could both saw and chop. They had tall telegraph pole size vertical logs and the competitors had to make chops into the pole and then place a board into it. They then climbed the log and cut the top off. I doubt I could have lifted the axe!
We are staying here two days and we will go tomorrow for a day trip without all our kit on the bike to Binabong which has really great white beaches we are told.

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