Monday, 7 January 2013

Capital City Trail

Sophie showed us around Melbourne using a trail that follows the Yarra river in part and goes around the city. Great views of the central business district and of the river. Had coffee at Abortsford Convent where we managed to confuse them no end or did they confuse us I am not sure. I think we were both speaking English but unable to understand each other. Lot of photos taken but silly me managed to delete them off the memory card and then find out that I had not already transferred them to the IPad.So I am cross with myself but at least we will return to Melbourne often on this trip so I can take them again! So imagine big glass building reaching in to the sky with really old looking trams going past.
It did a little spatter of rain this morning and the weather is like a hot summers day in the UK with little bits of White cloud keeping the temperatures reasonable. It seems hot enough for us however in the afternoon.I know that they have had temperatures much much higher than we have witnessed so far and it will really hit us hard when the weather decides to really hit the hot button.
Lots of talk about forest fires and the town in Tas that we will be at in two weeks time had one hundred houses go up in smoke!
We move on tomorrow to Montrose,and there should be a railway track to ride the next day.
I am
Not putting mileage in the title as I do not think that the success of the tour rests on whether we do a lot or little. It is good to have a record however and day one we did 18 miles from the airport and today 20 miles going around the city so a total of 38. We only have about 26 miles to do tomorrow so we are taking it very easy at the start.

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  1. Nice to see that you are taking it easy. The fires have been on the news here, hope everything will be OK


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