Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fri 1st to Mon 4th March The Fleurieu Peninsula

Hello again. We were really really lucky to get accommodation in Adelaide for 2 nights as the Car race for V8's was on called the Callipso 500, also the Adelaide Fringe as well as the Adelaide music festival. Anyway we enjoyed our time in Adelaide. We booked a small 3 door manual hatchback from Friday for 2 weeks and when we went to pick it up we got a 4 door automatic car which has only done 14000km, so again we were thrilled.
We drove to West Beach just about 12 km from the centre as it had been recommenced. It was right on the beach front and very busy as lots of people travelling to shows in Adelaide couldn't get accommodation so ended up camping at our site. From west beach we travelled south down towards Kangaroo Island. The beaches were fantastic once again. The contrast between touring on bikes and touring in the car were quite vivid. Air conditioning and a drink whenever we want. No worries about seeing a mammoth incline ahead of us. Plenty of time and energy to stroll and investigate roads that went off the main route to the beach and back. Tony is very impressed that the car can connect with the iTunes music on the mobile automatically so we can listen and sing to our favourite play lists as we go along. On saturday we camped at a basic site, again on the beach and took an evening stroll in the sunset. We then moved on passed Victor Harbour to Goolwa which is very close to the mouth of the infamous River Murray. During the day we saw a wonderful cycle track along the coast so we parked up and did a gentle ride along the track for an ice-cream and then back again. We plan to cycle tomorrow to the mouth of the river before jumping in our car to head back into Victoria towards the Grampians. Really tempted to buy two full sized pillows as a treat but haven't done so yet.


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  2. Glad you like it John,not sure which of the specific images you like?



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